Voted  "Best Raw Chef Training Program"

Best of Raw Awards 2014


What Raw Food Leaders say about Jackie & Gideon’s classes:

Matt Monarch
”Jackie and Gideon Graff are widely known for making some of the best tasting Raw Food Recipes out there.  They are well-known pioneers in the Live Foods Movement.  What I love about their work is that the info they share is not all just about 'food prep'.  They are also dedicated to teaching and promoting the living foods lifestyle for mind, body and spiritual awareness.  I highly recommend welcoming Jackie and Gideon to your area to share their programs.  They are two of the most generous people I have ever met, giving their all into the classes, with passion, insight and joy.  You can be assured that their program is first-class and will be loved by your entire group - ENJOY!”

Cherie Soria
Living Light
Making healthy living delicious
Jackie and Gideon Graff are pioneers in the raw vegan community with high standards of integrity. Jackie is a teacher and nurse, as well as a creative chef, whose simple-to-make recipes are based on comfort as well as nutrition. As a couple, they bring an element of fun and real worldliness to all their presentations.

Happy Oasis, Founder
Raw Spirit Festival
"Gideon and Jackie Graff are two of America's leading professional raw food teachers. I am profoundly grateful for the Gideon's coordination and management of the Raw Demo Chefs Program in 2007 and 2008 at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona where Jackie assisted greatly and led a vibrant vegan prep class each year.  Raw Spirit Festival endorses the Graff's teaching programs and looks forward to working with Gideon and Jackie for many years to come!"

Paul Nison,
Author, Speaker and Raw Food Chef.
 “The Graff’s courses truly are outstanding, and they make the best tasting raw food! The comprehensive superb instruction and the delicious foods, make these courses worth any cost. “

Dr. Douglas N. Graham,
Author of the 80/10/10 Diet


“Gideon and Jackie Graff come through with flying colors, again. Their zest for what they do is only exceeded by how well they do it.”

Author of Hooked on Raw
“Jackie and Gideon Graff, a charming couple who are extraordinary raw/live food chefs, make preparing raw food dishes easy and fun. Whether it's throwing a few things into the blender or preparing a gourmet feast, Jackie and Gideon will make you a 4-star chef in your own kitchen. “

Dr. George and Rhonda Malkmus,
Founders of Hallelujah Acres
“Although Rhonda has been teaching culinary food preparation classes for years and has authored several recipe books, she has learned so many new and different techniques from Jackie and Gideon Graff.   Jackie and Gideon’s expertise in the realm of raw food preparation is renowned.  They have previously owned and operated a very successful raw foods restaurant and are Culinary Chefs who have the desire to share their wealth of knowledge with others.  They teach classes not only in the Atlanta area, but have also been teaching classes on a regular bases at Hallelujah Acres since 2004 Now, you too, can have the privilege of “learning at their feet” so to speak; by simply taking their classes in your home town.. “  

We have more endorsements from other raw food leaders, but we think this will give you the idea.

What Students Say About Our Classes.
We have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied students, and in our teaching career, we receive excellent evaluations with many saying that they got much more than they expected and was an excellent value compared to other courses available. We will share a few of these with you.

“Can't tell you how much your class has given me the confidence and insight needed to do well with the raw food lifestyle.  I did not use to do much of anything in the kitchen - now my wife can't believe the transformation.  I'm in there preparing the recipes and experimenting.  She has now joined in and is actually doing most of the work.  The cooking class is crucial to staying with the
program. “

Devon McIntosh
17609 Clinton Dr.
Accokeek, MD 20607

I would encourage everyone to make it to the Graff's classes. They are excellent teachers and the most wonderful and sincere people - not to mention excellent chefs!! AND if you are looking for a fun filled class - I highly recommend checking them out. I promise you won't regret it. They have shaped and changed my life so greatly and I will be forever grateful because, honestly my raw food prep before taking their class was known to make people cry it was so bad. Now people beg for it thanks to my excellent teachers.

Darlene Davidson - Union


I took the Raw Food Certification, Raw Food Business School & Health Education Program in the Fall of 2014.


What an experience! Gideon and Jackie are amazing! I had such a positive experience....thousand times more than what I had expected.


I researched many other Raw Chef programs, but none offered the extensive information that his class provided. Jackie has the most amazing recipes! Gideon is full of knowledge and they both work so well together.


There was never a dull moment! Gideon has a wonderful sense of humor and he made learning fun. The two together gave the class all the information needed to be successful. I had been eating Raw for about 4 1/2 years and I learned so much more from Jackie & Gideon than I did just doing my own research. The program is tailored so it does not matter if you have eaten Raw before or not. You will not be disappointed.


The food itself was so fantastic that I would go back just for the meals! Gideon and Jackie's company and compassion made it the perfect choice. The food prep was out of this world with hands on learning. The Raw food school was just so full of information that really pulled everything together.


The business class (for those looking to take this further) was not what I expected. Many other Raw food certifications courses claim that their students are on their way to success just because they completed "their" course. (I could not find one student that had moved forward with a Raw food program.) I was not holding my breath that this would result in anything more than just basic information and ideas for a business. Was I wrong (and I am glad I was dead wrong)! Gideon and Jackie's business course is amazing. They tell you clearly what works, and what does not. They gave us steps to take as soon as we went back home. They provided EACH and EVERY student individual attention as to what OUR idea for a Raw food business, not just a cookie cutter plan.


I had an idea of what I wanted to do. One idea was to teach Raw food and/or open a Raw & vegan cafe' along with a small store that carries Raw vegan specialty items--I live in a area where Raw vegans are not common and vegetarians and few and far between! I followed the steps as soon as I got home. I recently have been asked to be a business partner for an established Raw Vegan/Vegetarian Café and store near my home. This is a perfect fit for me. I can now prepare food, create recipes, and teach classes, as well as provide the community with outstanding information and choices for their ingredients.


I cannot wait to move forward with this new chapter of my life and I know with 100% certainty that I would NOT be in the position if it had not been for Gideon & Jackie.



Rhonda Locklair
Barefoot Artist