Recipe Books by Jackie Graff R.N


22 Theme original recipe books,by Jackie Graff R.N. B.S.N All raw, vegan and delicious. No longer will you go trough the trouble of getting ingredients, and put a lot of work, only to be dissaponted by the results. Jackie's recipes have all been tested and retested at the Sprout Cafe, and the many dinners and events she catered. Follow the recipe's instruction for guaranteed delicious results.

DVDs / Videos

Sprout Raw Food's raw chefs, health ministers, and educators, Gideon and Jackie Graff are pleased to present their "Uncooking With Jackie and Gideon Series" on interactive DVD. All videos are packed with a wealth of easy to understand knowledge which will assist you in reaching your perfect weight and peak performance, reversing aging, eliminating pain, overcoming chronic diseases, and obtaining superior health