Holly Bilicki is telling it like it is.

I was happy to see this letter from Holly Bilicki, in my inbox this morning. This is what detox is all about. I would like to add that I can almost guarantee that our detox program will get you to heights of health and well being that you likely have never experienced before. Gideon

I just returned from Santa Monica, California a few days ago. During one of my hikes, I was reflecting how vital it is to have a good support system. Not only to love on us, but align ourselves with the same value system. Let’s take health for an example. Sometimes, having someone make us accountable is a necessary thing.

We want to connect with each-other and the purpose of this connection is to inspire each-other, not to get trapped in our faults.

Did you know our behavior is mirrored by our five closest friends? We are the company we keep. We are comfortable around the people most like us. This is why change can be hard. When I found out I had a gluten allergy, 10 years ago, people became uncomfortable around me. At the time, my feelings were hurt. I was looking for support. I wasn’t aware their lack of understanding made them fearful. It wasn’t their fault that I no longer fit in their norm.

How about the group of friends that go bar hopping on the weekends? All of a sudden one of them decides to stop drinking. Often that person who stopped, is seen as boring. And that person’s friends don’t know how to behave around him / her. Who grew? Who changed? Sometimes we need to remove ourselves out of an environment for us to grow and change for the better. We need that added bridge of support and the extra cheering on. We need someone that understands us and it’s okay to be vulnerable. I’m inviting to you to the Graff Academy where we are going to do a physical and mental detox. We are all going to do this together and be each-other’s support system.

Let’s make a life change together. This will be a small group experience. Space is limited, sign up now.

In Beauty & wellness, Holly Bilicki

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