Watch an Episode of "The Joy of Healthy Eating"

We are so happy to share an episode of our brand new weekly TV series. It features Ashley Akley, who is Jackie's daughter, and myself the beloved raw vegan chef and educator. Please share widely and write plenty of comments, even if not favorable. Any attention is appreciated. If not for us, please reward with your action the AIB network, for producing the first (to my knowledge) weekly broadcasted raw vegan show.

Tha Graff Academy is going on a winter vacation. During this time we will be promoting and preparing for our next year program that is partially ready for registration. You can view the program here.

I will be spending Hanukkah in Tel Aviv this year, and will keep in touch with all of you with this blog. Israel is considered to be a vegan paradise, and I hope to share some of the highlights with you.

Wishing you peace and love.


#cleanse #uncook #cheftraining #wholefood #plantbased #vegan #raw #healing

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