Voted  "Best Raw Chef Training Program"

Best of Raw Awards 2014


Earn your certification as a raw culinary chef and develop a raw food business plan.

Increase your earning potential and professional status with our three-week certification program that includes all four components crucial for launching a successful raw food business: 

  • Raw Food Nutrition Science  

  • Health Educator  

  • Culinary Arts  

  • Business Basics


We provide individualized consultation and coaching to develop a personalized business plan for each student.  We limit this course’s  size to ensure we can give individualized direction.

Raw Food Nutrition Science, Health Educator, Raw Culinary Chef Certificate


The Three Week Certification is held four times a year,

in January, April, June, and September.

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Who should attend:

  • Anyone with a passion for the raw food lifestyle looking for  a raw food certification course with a goal of starting their own business

  • Existing culinary chefs looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in raw food preparation and presentation

  • Current raw food chefs still struggling to find their “niche” or who want to enhance their professional learning and knowledge 

What you will learn:


Food Nutrition:

  • The latest nutrition facts, including why the raw food diet should be individualized

  • Why some ingredients used by raw food chefs are not raw or the most healthy and what substitutes can be used


Health Educator:

  • Consultation training with menu planning for some major health issues

  • Presentation skills for teaching raw food classes with video feedback



Culinary Arts:

  •   Principles and skills to become a raw food chef with time-saving ideas

  •   Experience working in a Professional Raw Kitchen with advice on how to build one to meet your needs

  •   Hands-on instruction in raw food recipes, including how to make nut milks, fermented foods, pickling vegetables, sprouting, cheeses, breads, chips, wraps, delicious cookies, pies, ice creams, cakes, salad dressings, marinated salads, nutmeats, entrees, juicing and many more raw foods with a focus on shelf life

  •  How to garnish, plate and make beautiful presentations

  • How to use kitchen tools efficiently and identify the best tools

  • How to plan and execute raw event catering and entertaining


Business Basics:

  • Packaging and labeling: what is required by law and what works best

  • The important state and county [AS1] rules for producing and selling food

  • Compliance and licensing for food processing establishments or restaurants

  • Recipe development with planning and costing menus

  • How to develop a raw food delivery business out of your home

  • How to shop for wholesale ingredients, produce and packaging

  • Unique ways to finance your business

  • Raw Business 101: guidance of how to start a new business, including defining the right business for you and developing a digital marketing strategy to maximize your visibility online 





 Comparing Other Cetification Programs 

It’s important to do your homework before selecting a certification program.  Our previous students have told us that they compared all of the available certifications and found ours to be the most comprehensive and affordable. Here’s what our students say they liked best about our Certified Raw programs compared with competing offerings:


Raw Food Certification Programs: