Voted  "Best Raw Chef Training Program"

Best of Raw Awards 2014


Twice a year – in May and October – we offer this transformative renewal to give you the opportunity to heal, rest and get inspired. The Graff Academy, with its lakefront visages, offers a secluded place to learn and renew your health located in a certified national wildlife habitat in historic Roswell, Georgia.  There is a two-week preparation period prior to attending the program, with the elimination of all caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, animal fat and protein. Also you will be provided with a health questionnaire to be submitted prior to arriving.

Two Week Detox & Juice Fasting  Renewal

This Amazing Healing Opportunity is Offered two Times a Year,

in May, and October. 

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Who should attend:

  • Anyone looking to jumpstart their health and rid their body of toxins from an unhealthy diet

  • Vegans or other individuals who struggle to maintain a 100% raw food diet

  • Anyone looking for a healthful way to do a juice cleanse and enhance their knowledge of raw food preparation   


What you will learn:


  • Juicing principles and participation

  • Sprouting

  • Fermented foods

  • Nutrition Science

  • Simple raw food preparation techniques

  • Individualized consultations and coaching for juice fasting and maintenance on a raw food diet with Jackie Graff, R.N.

  • Yoga and Chi Gong group classes



Included in this two-week program are infrared saunas, rebounding, hot tub, and BioMat therapy as well as: 


  • Access to Roswell’s rich array of beautiful neighborhoods and parks that offer hiking, biking, rafting, canoeing and kayaking on lakes or the beautiful Chattahoochee River   


  • Short trips to local interests and nature reserves


  • Colon and Massage Therapy (not included in price)


Our two-week program is limited in size to give individualized direction and will incorporate other lifestyle changes needed to stay healthy.   Cost for the two-week program, including accommodations, transportation to and from airport, manuals, recipes, and all food is $1600 per person. Included in the price are unlimited juices and food, accommodations, individual consultations, a Detoxing Manual, A Raw Vegan Food recipes manual, and all the above amenities.


"Dear Jackie & Gideon


I am so glad I joined you for the two-week juice detox retreat!

It was a great learning experience in a wonderfully supportive environment to go through an 8-day juice fast.

I was never hungry, and could have done another two weeks!

The way you facilitated the fast was very safe and well planned.

A great benefit to me personally, was learning I had high blood sugar, and watching it come down more than 100 points! Amazing! – this works.


I really enjoyed a few very special things:

  • The Virgin Mary Cocktail every evening

  • The Yoga classes

  • The Chi Gong classes

  • My massages


And of course, the gift of your presence, see you soon,



Last name and address withheld

Testimony from a previous detox class student


Elena Pezzo, together with her life partner Charles Grippo, own the now famous and successful Greenbar and Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale Florida, a vegan and high raw restaurant. Charles is a graduate of our Three Week Certification Course, and Elena participated in the Two Week Detox Renewal in May 2013. Here she shares her experience...


"MAY 2013 The Graff Academy of Raw Food Education- This was BY far the most empowering 2 weeks of my life.. WHY? BEACAUSE I am back on the highway of health. For the past year I have been suffering with severe hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, infertility, adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue. I had to do something RADICAL to feel good again.. no matter what it took... I wanted to experience the passion of life again. My healing was PROFOUND... I "detoxed" on day 2! flu like symptoms.. I was crying in fetal position .. I couldn't believe it.. my body was that toxic? yes! after that... SMOOTHE sailing.. I regained.. restored and reclaimed my health! That’s right! Jackie and Gideon Graff create such a warm loving healing space for you with such super delicous healing food.. I feel so blessed... more importantly I am forever grateful to them because they taught me how to nourish my body and listen to exactly what it needs to thrive! I lost 10 pounds.. Glowing skin.. Hair.. And have ENERGY again. Anyone looking to FEEL life again? I highly recommend this course.."